Edwood Markham once wrote "Great it is to believe the dream when we stand in youth by the starry stream, but a greater thing it is to fight life through, and say at the end the dream was true!

Too many of our comrades, family and friends have fallen short of their dreams in war!

Join us this Saturday to learn what a local company in Delta Utah is doing to create massive renewable energy.

This will start our first 4000 acres to put hundreds of megawatts on the grid!


Learn how congressional law 179 was passed and signed by two presidents with a five-year

extension to the year 2022. We will then relocate to another city and duplicate what we're doing in Delta. There are 7000 cities in the United States that can use our renewable energy because it's cheaper than coal! Once we fill our needs we'll no longer need foreign oil, freeing up most of our soldiers to come home to a profitable stronger economy! Foreign countries will desire our renewable energy as they've already signed contracts to lower the carbon footprint globally. The proceeds from this ride will go to the Ivins veterans home creating a paved walking path surrounding a fire pit representing gratitude from the Flag Ship Organizations coordinating the R.I.D.E

(Harley Davidson of Lehi, Law Tigers Utah Las Vegas, Law Advocates Utah Chapter. This will be represented by a bronze capstone with any or all of these names on it. If any additional groups are interested, feel free to contact us. For additional information go to www.gotaxcredit.com event page for date & times; web store for R.I.D.E. memorabilia including support event shirts 2016, renewable energy accessories, and how to purchase memory stones for this veterans home paver fire pit in Ivins Utah. Additional donations in increments of $25 purchases a 4x4 personalized paver with a deceased soldiers name with dates served. $50 purchases a 4x6 with the same info as above as well as name, rank, branch, birth date & dates served. $75 purchases an 8x8 with all above information as well as the home town born in. $100 purchases an 11x8 granite flag stone with all of the above as well as where served with dates. A hero medallion can also be added for additional $100 donation.  All donors will be notified 30 days in advance of the dedication service on a Saturday in Ivins, Utah.