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Welcome to the best tax savings advantage on the market! 

1. Watch the video on

2. Then go to the lens purchase store and roll with $650.00 becoming your $1,050.00 tax liability (this is your $400.00 savings!) 

3. Take two years of your federal taxes totaled, now divide that total by $1,050.00. =___? This total now becomes the number of qualified lenses used for the 30% credit entitling the $1,050.00 check from the United States Treasury!

Your savings is now $400.00 per lens as soon as April 2017!

Acting now is better for ROI than later as the credit is good in the year purchased in. Four months later you can enjoy the savings. This credit is available til 2022. Using it in 2017, filing will be in  2018, receiving the credit check In (April)  adding to the bottom line. There is also a 4.8% annual return per lens for 35 years in a PPA contract that also pays off the financed $3,500.00 that allowed your return! You will never be required to pay more than your original $650.00.  

100 % loss W/O us, $400.00 savings using us!

Your $30.00 (4.8% interest) over the 35 year PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). and the $400.00 savings will add to your taxible income $1,450.00. All stemming from what used to be a 100% loss! 

Refer a friend and enjoy the 7% commission built in to your new solar business. Some indivuals pay quarterly tax so large the commission exceeds most annual household incomes! Because the tax credit is so straight forward even Turbo Tax can easly handle the filing process with no complications!


DISCLAIMER You always need to consult a CPA or a tax attorney before proceeding with any tax program.

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